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Victoria Care Services Ltd has a wide variety of vacancies which will suit all of your needs, regardless of your skills and experience. Applying is straightforward and commencement of work will be uncomplicated and is carried out efficiently by Victoria Care Services Ltd. You can begin working without delay. Look at the posts below and apply for the one which you feel best suits your needs and experience. We can advise you of course if required.

We are at your disposal! We can offer the security of stable shift patterns, offering you a lifestyle that suits you, and the opportunity to work with those people who care about the elderly and people with other needs. If you feel that this is you, then you could be eligible for these job roles.

  • Cover shift at different Nursing and Residential homes.
  • Support with domestic obligations and personal care hygiene.
  • Assistant with victual and drinks.
  • Helping accommodation utilizer with mobility
  • Send availability, Submit the attendance of performance.
  • Answer the telephone as and when required
  • Answer the bells. Support with medication
  • To conduct all procedures in the home in line with legislation


  • Shift guarantee
  • Flexible shift patterns
  • Weekend and bank holiday bonuses
  • Free lunch on a long shift
  • Free uniform and ID insignias
  • Mileage 60 pence per mile
  • Provided convey for non-drivers with a diminutive fee
  • Vouchers for parents


  • DBS certificate
  • Experience
  • Updated training

Victoria care services Ltd has got a variety of vacancies available and on going which may suit your desideratum. It is facile to apply and more expeditious to commence. You can commence immediately . Have a visual examination of the post below and go for the one which best matches your experience.

I look forward to working with you! Feel free to call me on 01601 926310 or
email: e-recrutiment@victoriacareservices.co.uk
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Job description:
Simply download the application form and return by email!


  • Skype
  • Face book
  • Calendar for appointment bookings: Google Calendar
  • DBS dates: www.disclosures.co.uk
  • CQC regulation:
  • E- training: http://www.mulho.com


    E- Business and social activities

    Victoria Care Services is currently implementing a nationwide database of carers, aiming to give each carer their own unique license (similar to nursing). This would be revoked if necessary, in the event of serious malpractice, for example. In providing this service, we would be more able to guarantee the quality of the service we provide, for those in most need of our care. We would greatly appreciate your opinion on this matter. SMS: 07502 570159 or Call 01603 926310.